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Erasmus 2021-2027: Improved objectives

 This year, Erasmus is aiming high by expanding its budgets, its offers and its operating system. The Erasmus+ program will keep its usual areas: youth, sport, education and training. However, the total budget has been increased to €26.2 billion. The envelope is therefore 80% larger with a 2021 budget estimated at 2453.5 million euros.


Erasmus Plus and its inclusive approaches

Erasmus Plus, the European Union’s program for training, youth, sport and education, enables the implementation of European projects. Indeed, one of the priorities of European programs is inclusion. This means offering opportunities to young people who do not necessarily have the same chance as other young people. 


The advantages of an internship mobility in Spain with a partner agency

Spain is a European country located south of France and east of Portugal. Every year, it is one of the most visited countries in the world. For most French students, it is a dream country because it includes many advantages, such as top universities, a more than competitive business network, an incomparable quality of life, a multicultural diversity, as well as a rather dense heritage.


How to prepare a group mobility with Erasmus Plus

As you probably already know, group mobility requires a good organization and can seem complicated, especially when it is your first experience with Erasmus Plus. In order to guide you, in this article, we will discuss the different important points to think about once your Erasmus Plus application has been validated. We will list the different steps that you shouldn’t miss to make your experience as easy as possible.


7 good reasons to organize an internship abroad for your students with Erasmus Plus

You are a high school or vocational teacher and you are interested in offering an internship experience abroad to your students but you find the process difficult?  

In order to help you, we are presenting you today 7 reasons why you should organize an internship mobility for your students! 

It’s true that internships abroad can sometimes be a challenge to set up… They require time, money, motivation and sometimes a lot of paperwork…  But they are also a way to help your students discover and develop their professional skills. 


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