At Espamob’ we have a deep work experience programme and we actively work to effectively coordinate the local team of host companies and service providers, ensuring the quality and efficiency of mobility programs for traineeship in Spain. We generate a database of participants, host companies and service providers who are willing to participate in overseas mobility programmes. To make all this possible we apply methodology created by our team of European mobility experts, which has been proven by years of experience. We guarantee a simple and effective mobility experience for business traineeships. At Espamob’ we are concerned with ensuring and protecting participants throughout the mobility process. Since 2014 at Espamob’ we have been focusing on the work experience programme Erasmus Plus, European Social Funds (ESF), and others subventions for Vocational Education and Training (VET). Located in the city of Barcelona, ​​we have consolidated an effective network of host companies, vocational schools and service providers that support our high quality project standards following European rules.

Architectural Photography Workshop – KEK GSEVEE x IEFC x ESPAMOB’

The Art of Photography on Architecture From March 28 to April 6, 2022, 19 trainees from KEK GSEVEE, a nationally renowned educational center in Greece, attended a 30-hour workshop on Architectural Photography as part of the ERASMUS+ program. This workshop was organized by ESPAMOB' at the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC), a non-profit cultural organization that works to train and promote photographers, and the preservation and dissemination of photographic heritage. From an introductory course on Architectural Photography to a series of...

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