Erasmus mobility steps

At Espamob’ we support participants throughout the mobility process, to ensure the success of this professional and personal experience. We have built up an active network through our experience of mobility programmes abroad, between schools, host companies and service providers. Our team of experts has demonstrated real know-how in the implementation of projects.

Before the mobility

The key to a successful mobility programme is the quality of its preparation. At Espamob, we assess and ensure that the mobility project meets all the European requirements for approval. We carry out a rigorous selection process of host companies, taking into account the training programme, the group size and the profile of the trainees.

During mobility

At Espamob we accompany the participants on the first day of their placement and give each of them a welcome pack, giving them all the useful information for their stay. Our proximity allows us to resolve any conflict during the course, as well as any problem related to health or well-being. We provide personal follow-up on the progress of the placement, in direct contact with the host companies.

After the mobility

With Espamob, we accompany you from the beginning to the end of your mobility. We remain available for any further information or questions. Moreover, it is always important for us to have a debriefing of the mobility to get your opinion. It is important for our team to keep in touch with you, to have the best possible follow-up.

The stages of mobility

1. Contact us!
2. Selection of the host company
3. Preparation of the mobility
4. Welcome of the participants
5. Monitoring and problem solutioning
6. Project evaluation
7. After mobility

1. Contact us!

Before the project application  we will contact you to evaluate the european mobility traineeships programme and help you with a project writing.

2. Selection of the host company

When the project is approved we will select the host company for all participants and prepare necessary documents like europass mobility certificate and learning agreement.

3. Preparation of the mobility

We present practical solutions for accommodation and board, public transport, airport transfer and cultural programme. There is always a possibility to arrange the preparatory visit.

4. Welcome of the participants

We receive the group at the airport and accompany them during the first day of their traineeship. Our consultants provide you all useful materials during your stay so participants can feel safe.

5. Monitoring and problem solutioning

We conduct a monitoring on the technical and personal development during the European mobility traineeships in the host companies. Simultaneously we take care of all the administrative and partnership management required by the mobility programme and we resolve a possible conflicts that may occur during the stay abroad.

6. Project evaluation

At the end of european mobility we make sure that all documents are completed and signed so you can confirm participant’s skills evaluation.

7. After mobility

Post-mobility actions  of European mobility traineeships requires publication of results and materials achieved during the project to encourage other young people and schools to participate in european mobilities.

Our services for mobility programmes

Study of the mobility project

At Espamob’ we assess your project in accordance with the conditions and specificities of the mobility programmes. This first approach allows us to offer solutions that will meet your expectations and optimally develop your mobility project.

Selection of host companies

The search for and selection of host companies for participants is a fundamental step in the success of a mobility programme and the acquisition of new professional experience. Our network of partner companies includes local, national and multinational companies from different sectors, shops and shopping centres, industries and agricultural and equestrian centres, standard and luxury hotels and private residences and organisations.

Logistics solution

Organising transport in a new city can often be complicated. Therefore, Espamob’ offers simple logistical solutions for your mobility in Spain: reception at the airport, transfer to the place of accommodation, management of metro and bus tickets and provision of bus and metro maps. A welcome pack is also provided to each participant, giving them all the information they need to carry out their mobility.

Administrative management

At Espamob’ we respect your mobility budget and fully assume our role as intermediary with the host company. The administrative procedures are carried out efficiently. We guarantee: correct definition of your project and its feasibility, signing of a collaboration agreement, preparation of a letter of commitment to support a mobility project, presentation of host companies and validation of the placement project, presentation to tutors and signing of placement agreements, weekly monitoring of participants, and completion of signatures and evaluations.

Accommodation and meal solution

The youth hostel is 100% secure and has private rooms, bed linen, common areas, a fully equipped kitchen and breakfast is included.
The flat is 100% private and will provide you with double and single rooms to accommodate 6 to 9 people. There is also a fully equipped kitchen available, a living room and a television.
The host family allows you to be 100% immersed in the Spanish culture of the families. Private rooms are provided as well as bed linen. In addition, there is an accompaniment to the companies for the first day of the course and also an accompaniment in case of illness.

Language and Cultural Programme

At Espamob’ we want to make sure that all participants immerse themselves in the Spanish culture and language. To achieve this, we create “tailor-made” language programmes adapted to the profile of the participants and their profession. We also prepare “personalised” cultural programmes to discover the historical, artistic and emblematic places of the city. We offer a wide range of activities, so that everyone can have fun and enjoy their stay while on the move. In Barcelona, for example, we offer a visit to the Sagrada Familia, a ride on the cable car for a panoramic view of the city and Montjuïc Park, or a 3-hour bike ride to discover Barcelona.

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Frequently asked questions about our operations and the organisation of mobility

What services does Espamob offer ?

With the aim of optimising the employability of apprentices and trainers and thanks to the budget financed by the Erasmus Plus programme, the European Social Fund or other national, regional and local subsidies, the mobility programme enables each participant to acquire a new professional, cultural and linguistic approach in Europe.

What is a mobility programme ?

At Espamob’, each mobility programme is “tailor-made” according to the needs and expectations of each course. We take into account the number of participants, the professional training, the type of accommodation you want and we organise the mobility as you wish.

Do you propose trustworthy companies ?

At Espamob’, we are committed to proposing trustworthy companies that are interested in participating in this experience of European mobility programmes. Each company is selected by us in order to perfectly meet the expectations and needs of each course and the profile of each participant. For an efficient placement of each apprentice, we will study their professional and linguistic skills and propose a sector of activity that meets their expectations as closely as possible.

experiencia en la organización de programas de movilidad

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