We share our mobility programmes experience

At Espamob’ we want to share our mobility programmes experience and we work hard to improve it. Our local network of host companies and service providers allows us to  provide quality and efficiency of mobility programmes for traineeships in Spain.  Years of experience and work with diverse european institutions created a database of school participants, host companies and service providers who are open for new mobility programmes abroad. To make all this possible we use a knowledge of our european experts team, who has been working with mobility programmes experience in their countries of origin. We guarantee a simple and effective mobility programmes experience for business traineeships in different sectors..

Mobility steps

1. Contact us!
2. Selection of the host company
3. Preparation of the mobility
4. Welcome of the participants
5. Monitoring and problem solutioning
6. Project evaluation
7. After mobility

1. Contact us!

Before the project application  we will contact you to evaluate the european mobility traineeships programme and help you with a project writing.

2. Selection of the host company

When the project is approved we will select the host company for all participants and prepare necessary documents like europass mobility certificate and learning agreement.

3. Preparation of the mobility

We present practical solutions for accommodation and board, public transport, airport transfer and cultural programme. There is always a possibility to arrange the preparatory visit.

4. Welcome of the participants

We receive the group at the airport and accompany them during the first day of their traineeship. Our consultants provide you all useful materials during your stay so participants can feel safe.

5. Monitoring and problem solutioning

We conduct a monitoring on the technical and personal development during the European mobility traineeships in the host companies. Simultaneously we take care of all the administrative and partnership management required by the mobility programme and we resolve a possible conflicts that may occur during the stay abroad.

6. Project evaluation

At the end of european mobility we make sure that all documents are completed and signed so you can confirm participant’s skills evaluation.

7. After mobility

Post-mobility actions  of European mobility traineeships requires publication of results and materials achieved during the project to encourage other young people and schools to participate in european mobilities.

How to collaborate with us?

If your project has been accepted and will be financed:

Espamob’ adapts to the characteristics and requirements of the project. We are able to organize very urgent projects from the last minute calls.

What information do we need to evaluate your project?

  • Participants education background;
  • Age and other necessary information about participants;
  • Number of participants and accompanying teachers;
  • Time schedule: arrival and departure dates;
  • Other information which you consider important.

If you want to present a new project together with Espamob’:

  • You can count on Espamob’ assistance with a project writing. After your idea evaluation our consultants will help you to prepare a project adapted to your needs and goals;
  • We help you during the project implementation (inscription/administration) in order to make sure that the project will be accepted by your National Agency;
  • Thanks to our experience we help you with gathering all the necessary documents.
What is an estimated budget for my mobility?

Frequently asked questions

Espamob’ team is open for all kind of european mobilities which are connected with youth unemployment and vocational training experiences. Our main specialization are Erasmus plus KA1 projects and  European Social Funds  for VET learners – Higher Education – NEETS or Staff mobilities. There are also many opportunities to work with national or regional funds which you can consult with our native consultants from different countries. Our mobility programmes are designed to help trainees from European vocational schools to define their future career and find a  traineeship abroad.

It depends on agreements made with sending institution before the mobility, but in general Espamob’ offers:

  • Taking necessary steps towards preparation, implementation and efficient execution of the traineeship according to rules and aims of the Learning Agreement;
  • Guarantee that participants will develop skills and knowledge according to the assigned tasks and activities that they need to perform during their traineeship;
  • Find host companies and manage relations with them, introduce participants to their tutors; provide them necessary information about participant tasks that they should perform during the traineeship, evaluate level of knowledge they acquired, skills competences and languages;
  • Providing each participant organizational support, supervision and mentoring service, especially in case of any difficulties between the primary arrangements of the traineeship programme and activities that participants are asked to perform in the working place;
  • Take necessary steps to reduce and prevent the risk of accident which can happen to the participants during the mobility;
  • Arrange a suitable accommodation for the participants and teachers;
  • Arrange meals for the participants during whole mobility;
  • Arrange (if necessary) a local transport tickets and provide to the participants instructions about how to get to the host company from accommodation;
  • Organize a cultural programme in a free time of participants;
  • Making a financial calculations of all costs of the mobility project;
  • Managing an evaluation process and documents.

We are flexible about the duration of your mobility programme, although you will have to take into account that Erasmus Plus Vocational training rules allows to send trainees for exchanges which last from two weeks up to twelve months. Most of vocational schools decide to send their participants for three week exchanges, but we also hosted two or three months projects.

Contact with our consultant team to get more information about application process. We also recommend you to get in touch with your national agency which can provide you more information about funding possibilities in your country. There is usually an open call date announced till when each institution should present a project form with mobility details and partners presentation. If you choose to be our partner we will provide you all necessary information for project writing. We are proud of our rate of 80% projects accepted from all applications where we became a partner.

It is not required for participants to speak local language although it is very much appreciated. Most of Erasmus programmes allow sending institutions to organize a language preparation before the arrival which we always recommend. We can also organize a language course in Spain. As it´s a school who makes a selection of participants who will be send for a project we strongly recommend to give a priority to those who speak english.

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