At Espamob’ we prepare and guide the participants throughout their mobility process in order to guarantee a successful professional and personal experience for the whole group. We know that mobility programmes are complex, that’s why we help the participants during the whole process: before, during and after the mobility.

Before mobility

The key to the success of our mobility programmes experience is the quality of its preparation. That is why at Espamob’ we evaluate the mobility project, making sure that it meets all European requirements for its approval. We also conduct a rigorous selection process for the host company, considering the training programme, group size and candidates’ profiles. We also present practical solutions adapted to the participants related to accommodation, board, transport, airport transfer, as well as language and cultural programme. At the end we always offer a possibility to arrange the preparatory visit.

During mobility

The next step is the implementation of the mobility programmes. That is why at Espamob’ we accompany the participants from the first day of their traineeships in companies for vocational training and we provide them with useful materials during their stay. In addition, we immediately resolve possible issues related to health, well-being and quality of services that may occur during the stay abroad. We conduct a monitoring on the technical and personal development of the participants in the host companies. Simultaneously, we take care of all the administrative management and financial conditions required by the mobility programmes.

  • Individual match of host companies to the participants’ profiles.
  • Professional and personal approach.
  • Respecting the educational programme.

See our services for mobility programmes

At Espamob’ we evaluate your project in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the European mobility programmes. This first approach allows us to offer solutions that meet your expectations and develop your mobility project optimally. In this phase of preparation we focus on:

  • Training of participants;
  • Evaluation of group size;
  • Study of candidates´ profiles (professional experience, language levels, age, vocational training sector);
  • Coordination of the date and place of mobility;
  • Assigned budget management;
  • Establishing the collaboration agreement.


We guarantee protection and safety through the effective procedures to ensure quality in every step of the project.


We assist you during all the process of mobility projects so you can count on our support whenever you need.

Research and pre selection of the companies where participants will gain their professional experience is a fundamental step for the successful mobility exchange. Espamob’ experience is based on  the IES Consulting group who helps us in the search and selection of host companies. Our network of host companies includes:

  • Local, national and multinational companies in different sectors;
  • Local neighbourhood shops, international sales centres;
  • Agricultural factories and farms;
  • Luxury hotels, hostels, restaurants; among others.


Our close relationship with companies allows us to offer a unique mobility experience that corresponds to the expectations of the participants and the traineeship centres.


Since 2005 we have been working with youth employability in Europe at IES Consulting, and we have become European project experts at Espamob’.

The preparatory visit should establish a relationship of trust with us and introduce the participants and host companies involved in mobility. The preparatory visit allows to confirm and present the following aspects:

  • Project definition (purpose, objectives and methodology);
  • Definition of the role of participants;
  • Coordination of the meeting with company representatives, hosts and tutors;
  • Presentation of accommodation solutions;
  • Organisation of the linguistic and cultural programme.

Tailor-made solution

We offer an appropriate and personalised solution to the mobility programmes for each training centre.


We assist the sending institutions in the programme through consultation, control and preparation methods tailored to their needs.

At Espamob’ we offer different accommodation solutions adapted to your budget and your expectations while we seek the comfort of the participants.

Hostal – 100% secure

  • Accommodation and modern facilities;
  • Attractive common areas;
  • Fully equipped kitchen;
  • Close to public transport;
  • Reception and security 24/7.
  • Private rooms and linen provided;
  • Free WiFi;
  • Air conditioning and heating;
  • Laundry room with a washer and a dryer.

Meals: breakfast included, possibility to have lunch and dinner in an associated restaurant.

Apartment – 100% privacy

  • Apartment for 6 to 9 people;
  • Double and single rooms;
  • Fully equipped kitchen;
  • Lounge and TV room;
  • Free WiFi;
  • Air conditioning and heating;
  • Located in the city centre;
  • Close to public transport.

Meals: possibility to have lunch and dinner in an associated restaurant.

Homestay – 100% cultural exchange

  • Spanish families;
  • Double or single room;
  • Located in the city centre;
  • Close to public transport.

Meals: half board (breakfast and dinner) or full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).


The relationship of trust we have with host companies and vocational training centres allows us to develop work experience and offer participants an efficient mobility programmes adapted to their needs.


Looking to the future, we seek to consolidate ourselves as one of the leading European mobility consultancies and agencies.

Public transport in a new city can sometimes be difficult. That’s why at Espamob’ we offer easy solutions for participants who will use buses, metro and trams during their mobility in Spain:

  • Airport transfer;
  • Transport between the host company and place of accommodation;
  • Purchase of metro and bus tickets;
  • Handing over the transport map upon arrival.

In addition, we give each participant a welcome pack with information about the mobility conditions:

  • Name of the host company;
  • Dates and days of the training;
  • Name and function of the tutor;
  • Work schedules;
  • Dress code;
  • How to get to the workplace.


Together with the participants we supervise and actively evaluate the execution of the programme in Spain by staying in direct contact with trainees and school coordinators.


We are present during the whole mobility to help you and make you feel comfortable during your stay in Spain.

At Espamob’ we want to be sure that all the participants will get to know the Spanish culture and language through accredited language courses which can be included in the offer. Courses are adapted to each language and to the needs of the sending institution. We also offer a customised cultural programme to discover historical, artistic and emblematic places of the city. We offer a wide range of activities, allowing everyone to have fun and enjoy their stay during the mobility.

Tailor made solutions

We want to meet your interests to to study and make socio-cultural proposals in accordance to participant’s profiles.


Our main goal is to make sure that during the mobility you will have a pleasant stay, fun and that all participants will have opportunities for personal growth.

At Espamob’ we manage the budget of your mobility and we assume an intermediary role in relations with the host company. We also process all the required documentation in an efficient and safe way. Espamob’s guarantees:

  • Presentation of the tutor and signature on the learning agreement;
  • Signing of the quality commitment with the host company;
  • Conclusion and signature on participant evaluations;
  • Budget management;
  • Preparation of certificates;
  • Mediation between the participant and the host company;
  • Review and final evaluation of the course.


We are specialists in European funds and project management, with diverse academic background and languages we can easily adapt to different requirements of sending institutions.

Customised support during the process

We provide ongoing monitoring and support to training centres and participants before and during mobility.

Listen to the opinions of the participants

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