Erasmus Plus mobility in the health professions

Health professions offer many Erasmus Plus internship opportunities in different companies. Find out more about the main sectors.

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Find out about Erasmus Plus internship opportunities in the health professions

This sector includes a variety of occupations related to nurses, veterinary assistants, dental technicians and care assistants.



The professional will carry out care aimed at restoring or maintaining the health of the sick person and monitoring the clinical condition of patients. The nurse needs both theoretical and practical knowledge. An internship abroad will enable the trainee to develop new techniques.


Veterinary assistant

This person will be essential for the smooth running of all veterinary facilities. The professional receives the client, takes care of the animals and disinfects the equipment. An internship will allow the young trainees to discover new methods in a foreign country.


Dental assistant and dental technician

The dentist is a true artist who can work miracles. They must be meticulous in carrying out the treatments and even the braces prescribed by orthodontists. An internship will enable trainees to develop new skills in a foreign language.



The professional is in permanent contact with people to provide them with maintenance, prevention and health education, in order to preserve their well-being and autonomy. An internship abroad will allow young trainees to discover and develop new techniques.

Preguntas frecuentes sobre prácticas en el sector sanitario

Why do an internship abroad in the health professions?

First of all, an internship abroad will allow the trainee to develop new skills specific to the foreign country. In addition, it will be a valuable experience to include in the CV.

Is it possible to go abroad during a mobility period even if you do not necessarily speak the language of the host country well?

Not all trainees who come to do an internship abroad with Espamob speak the language of the host country perfectly and that doesn’t mean that the mobility doesn’t go well. It is precisely an experience like this that will help you discover the language and the job you like in another country.

What is the minimum and maximum duration of mobility in the health professions?

The minimum duration of a mobility in the personal services sectors is two weeks. Traineeships usually last between two and four weeks, but can vary. Longer mobilities of up to six months are also possible.


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