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The advantages of an internship mobility in Spain with a partner agency

Spain is a European country located south of France and east of Portugal. Every year, it is one of the most visited countries in the world. For most French students, it is a dream country because it includes many advantages, such as top universities, a more than competitive business network, an incomparable quality of life, a multicultural diversity, as well as a rather dense heritage.

An internship is an important professional experience that is part of the educational program and represents an opportunity to enter the working world. It allows you to discover the codes and culture of a company, as well as its functioning. Moreover, an experience like this one abroad is even more valuable and will allow the student to get out of his comfort zone.

Every year, more and more students choose Spain as their destination country for an Erasmus Plus internship. Going abroad is not a trivial matter, that’s why it is interesting to be helped by a partner agency. With Espamob, we accompany you from the beginning to the end. From the definition and feasibility of the project to the follow-up of the mobility on site. We organize the placement in companies, the logistical management such as accommodation and transportation on site and also the administrative management. It is important for us to have a quality approach for a tailor-made project and to favour a certain network of companies. There are many different types of companies in Spain where you can do an internship, such as large international companies in the tourism and restaurant sectors, or small companies that are more focused on the service sector. It is also important to remember that Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, which is another advantage of coming to Spain for an internship to learn and discover this language or to improve your skills. Spain may be a European country, but it remains a foreign country with its own culture and its own particularities. Indeed, the Spaniards often have another rhythm of life contrary to the French and this is what makes the diversity of this country.

Now that you know all the advantages of doing an internship mobility in Spain, don’t wait any longer and contact us to learn more!

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