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Internship in Barcelona: An enriching experience for our Italian students!

An enriching experience

Doing an internship abroad as part of a mobility program can be an enriching experience that brings a lot of value to students. It allows them to adapt to new cultures and new ways of working, while giving them the chance to put into practice the skills they have acquired during their studies. This is exactly what a group of Italian students from Lo Spazio Delle Idee experienced when they came to Barcelona for a three-week internship.

And professionalizing

The students were placed in different sectors according to their field of studies, specifically in reception, catering, pastry and cooking. Each of these areas offers unique opportunities for students to develop their professional skills and discover new techniques and practices.

For these Italian students, this professionalizing experience in Barcelona has allowed them to adapt to a different work environment while learning about Spanish culture. Barcelona is a city rich in history and culture, with a variety of monuments, museums and other attractions to discover. The Italian students had the chance to discover this fascinating city during their free time. They were able to visit the Sagrada Familia, the famous basilica designed by architect Antoni Gaudí, as well as other iconic sites such as Parc Güell and Barcelona Cathedral. In addition to this, they explored the city by bike, which allowed them to see Barcelona from a different perspective and discover its picturesque streets and neighborhoods.

Testimonial from a reception student: 

One of the students, Grethel, shared her feedback from her internship in Barcelona:

“This experience has changed many things in my life, not only have I taken on all my responsibilities and learned to manage many things on my own without giving up, but I’ve also realized that being a receptionist and being in contact with people from all over the world is something I enjoy more than I thought I would. I’m proud to have increased my willingness to do things in the professional world but also in my life in general, I absolutely want to improve my language skills as much as possible. Thanks to this experience, I went home with 9 young people with whom I got on very well and forged very strong bonds. I’d do it all over again, and I’m grateful to my school for giving me this great opportunity.”

In summary

In summary, a professionalizing internship abroad can provide an enriching and professionalizing experience for students, allowing them to experience new cultures and work practices. Students can also develop valuable skills and expand their professional network, while enjoying an unforgettable life experience.

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