Preparatory visit

Why should your school make a preparatory visit?

What is a preparatory visit? As part of an Erasmus+ mobility project, a preparatory visit is a crucial step that precedes the official launch of the mobility project. It is a visit that enables representatives of an educational institution, such as a school or university, to visit the future host city to assess the possibilities and opportunities that this destination offers participating students. Why make a preparatory visit? To meet our organisation Espamob in order to establish a relationship of trust and...

Internship Opportunity: Project Manager Assistant at Espamob’

Discover the testimony of Chloé, 22 years old, who completed her 6-month internship at Espamob as part of her third year in a Business School, as a Project Manager Assistant. What is a Project Manager Assistant? The role of the Project Manager Assistant consists in planning and managing Erasmus+ mobilities, in collaboration with the Project Managers and the Company Managers, before, during and after each mobility. In short, once a project has been studied and the companies have been found by the...

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