The Epale platform

What is Epal?

The Epale platform is a collaborative platform intended for volunteers, researchers, trainers and all actors in the social and solidarity economy. Indeed, there are more than 60,000 Europeans currently registered on this platform, from around thirty different countries who work to promote adult access to training.

It should be noted that the community of the Epale platform joins together in order to exchange and find together solutions and inspiration for their daily practices but also to develop their networks and make the platform known. The advantage of this Europe-wide platform is that it tries to deal with all possible general forms of education and training for adults, whether formal or informal, delivered by bodies that are private or public, while including vocational training and popular education.

How does Epale work?

If you join the Epale platform community you can find many tools there to help you with your mobility project. Indeed, Epale allows you to enrich your knowledge and keep you up to date with educational innovations. You should know that Epale is organized around five themes, namely: learning environments, basic skills, support for learners, policies and funding as well as the quality of training. It is true that there are many publications which are posted regularly online and which will offer complementary points of view on adults and education.

The Epale platform has a space allowing the search for partners to initiate different forms of collaboration across European countries. This helps to make Erasmus plus projects a reality as much as possible.

You can also, through the platform, expand your professional circle as well as dialogue and have thematic meetings, often organized in France to promote interactions between professionals, which allows you to learn and train in a work situation in adult education teaching aids


Frequently asked questions about the Epale platform

What is Epale used for?

Epale is an Erasmus Plus platform that will allow you to create a network of professionals close to your sector of activity and by promoting the projects of professionals while gaining knowledge and educational innovations.

Who is the Epale platform for?

The Epale platform is aimed at all forms of education and training: formal, informal or non-formal, from public or private bodies.