Espamob’ is a Spanish mobility partner who provides European traineeships programmes in host companies and professional training for groups from the vocational education field. As a strategic partner, we assist in project writing and placement research for groups who arrive to Spain to gain a professional experience.

About Us

Thanks to our experience we become a trusted Spanish mobility partner for many sending institutions from all over Europe. Our preparation of European mobility programmes brings additional values and personalized care for every participant. Our business consultants developed a network of host companies in Spain where we provide placements and other activities in the education and training field for vocational schools.

As a Spanish mobility partner who provides European traineeship programmes, we are involved in the implementation of European projects with the idea to develop youth professional skills and improve their employability in the labour market. We work with vocational schools from all over Europe offering them our expertise and necessary tools for the project proposal writing and development of mobility projects. Our main goal is to provide traineeships in companies for vocational training in different vocational areas and assist during all the mobility rin Spain.

Mobility projects for vocational training that we work with are confirmed by Erasmus Plus programmes European Social Funds (ESF) or national, regional or local funds. We are specialized in Erasmus Key Action 1, and 2 where we take the role of a strategic partner. Our main goal is to provide traineeships for groups of apprentices and improve their language and professional skills during the mobility project.

We have established a network of numerous host companies, located mainly in Barcelona, Catalonia, Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands; These national and multinational corporations receive participants and provide them proper training to improve their technical and linguistic skills. We work with different host companies that are selected with care for each project participant. Since 2014 Espamob’ collaborated with diverse European schools and agencies, building a network of partners that help us to make education and vocational training projects a reality.

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Our History

Since 2014 Espamob’ is working with European mobility programmes: Erasmus Plus, European Social Funds (ESF), and other subventions for Vocational Education and Training (VET) as a Spanish mobility partner. Located in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Espamob’ created an effective network of host companies, vocational schools and service providers that support our high-quality project standards following European rules.

We rely on the experience of the IES Consulting, a company which since 2005 works with recruitment and traineeships for apprentices. In order to carry out mobility programmes, IES provides us with support in the research of the companies for mobility projects and proposals for the selection of host companies.

Today in Espamob’ we aim to increase the attractiveness of mobility for vocational training by becoming a trustworthy company adapted to European mobility traineeships that provide participants with the opportunity to acquire new professional and personal skills abroad.

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Espamob’ is based on the primary principle of collaboration. Our success is the fruit of everyone’s work, for you, and with you. Through a reactive and dynamic communication, we install a real customer relationship and perform a work that will first meet your objectives and then ours.


Integrity is a fundamental principle at Espamob’. Our actions, words and deeds are the expression of our main objective: honesty. A relationship of trust must be established with the customer, right from the start; this is what we guarantee every day at Espamob’.


Adaptability is a pillar of success for Espamob’ and is a fundamental principle of the company. In connection with the principle of collaboration, we will know how to adapt to the different situations and how to deal with difficulties that may arise.

A professional team of experts in Erasmus Plus mobility

Support, Expertise, Project Management, Trust and Adaptability are the main keywords representing our team at Espamob’. 

We are a multicultural team of experts specializing in European mobilities. Our participation brings an added value to each project. Our multilingual advisors share their personalized and technical knowledge in project management, relationships with host companies and related European standards. 

Each profile is different so we adapt and we give you all the necessary tools to guide you, from the application to the development and management of mobility projects organized with our network of host companies. Our trusted partners provide education and training in different vocational areas with an individual learning approach for each participant.

We aim to improve the technical and linguistic skills of participants through European mobility traineeships. We want to make their stay abroad an unforgettable experience by implementing personalized logistic solutions and organizing inspiring programs of cultural activities.

We are involved in your project’s records, we monitor the implementation of European standards and we assure the administrative follow up of your mobility project. We guarantee you true proximity between host organizations and the participants throughout the entire mobility by creating a trusting relationship from the first stages of your project. ”



Team Espamob
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In charge of commercial relations and expert in project management, Mariana has been accompanying young people for years in their mobility in Spain. With her organisational skills, good interpersonal skills and ability to listen, she will do everything necessary to make your Erasmus mobility a unique experience!

Team Espamob



Laure is in charge of Espamob’s mobilities and mainly manages the projects of the French schools. She is involved on a daily basis to ensure that all apprentices and students have an unforgettable experience in Spain during their mobility. She has years of experience in project management and will be happy to listen to you.

Team Espamob
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In charge of commercial relations, Natali will be able to explain to you perfectly the process of a mobility. Thanks to her kindness, her team spirit and her reactivity, you won’t forget your professional experience here in Spain! Of Colombian origin, she will be able to speak to you in Spanish or English.

Team Espamob



In charge of business relations, Erasmus+ mobility projects, and with years of experience in monitoring apprentices during their work placement in Spain, Noemi will be there to prepare and consolidate your mobility. She is involved on a daily basis to make your professional trip a unique memory.

Team Espamob



As part of her Master 2 in Digital Communication in Lyon (Fr), Sarah is in charge of Erasmus Plus mobility projects, but also in charge of Espamob communication. Passionate about acquiring new experiences, Sarah will be at your disposal to prepare your mobility programme and follow you throughout your internship!

Team Espamob



As part of her Bachelor’s degree at NEOMA BUSINESS SCHOOL in Rouen (Fr), Juliette is in charge of Espamob’s mobility projects and communication. She is very well organised and will be involved throughout your Erasmus Plus mobility experience here in Spain!

Team Espamob
Team Espamob



As part of her Bachelor’s degree at EDHEC Business School in Lille (Fr), Agathe is in charge of Erasmus Plus mobility projects. She is in charge of the Erasmus Plus mobility projects. She knows all about accmpanying young oapprentices in their internship project in Spain. Agathe will be available to prepare your mobility and to follow you throughout your internship!

Team Espamob
Team Espamob



Expert in Erasmus project management, Maxime mainly accompanies young people in their mobility from Portugal or Latvia. With a good sense of organisation and good interpersonal skills, he will make your placement unforgettable!




With international experience and strong knowledge of the Hispanic culture, Louis will help you in your European mobility. Originally from Asia, He will be able to speak with you in French, English and Spanish and will do his best to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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Magda manages mobility projects mainly from Polish schools. She prepares and organizes mobilities in order to make sure that both school and students are happy with their experience in Spain. Her organisational skills, caring approach and a can-do attitude will make the process easy and smooth.

Team Espamob

Laura Martinez-Polo


In charge of Espamob’s Erasmus mobilities, she has an important international experience since she has lived in France, Italy and the United States. She will ensure that your Erasmus experience in Spain is incredible. She loves meeting new people and speaking a thousand languages!

Join us

Always looking for new talents, join us and live an unforgettable experience in Barcelona. If you want to join us, please send us your CV.

We are a multicultural, professional team with expertise in European mobility. The multilingual consultants bring their technical and personalized knowledge in project management, relations with host companies and European standards.

Each profile is different, we adapt to each day and we put all our know-how at your disposal to guide you, accompany you and advise you in the preparation of your mobility. We guarantee an adequate working environment for each participant, meeting your requirements and aiming at perfecting your mobility experience.

You are passionate about digital marketing and communication; you are motivated, and you want to plan and organize mobility? This job is for you!

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    You are passionate about organizing and planning projects, you are versatile, autonomous and have good language skills? This job is for you!

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      You are passionate about business relations, you are autonomous, have good language skills and you are a real negotiator? This job is for you!

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