Erasmus Plus Quality Standards

Erasmus Plus Quality Standards: Requirements

The Erasmus+ program has established a comprehensive set of standards, known as Erasmus Plus Quality Standards, specifically designed for mobility projects. These standards are indispensable for organizations implementing Erasmus+ activities, aiming to ensure a successful mobility experience for all participants.

Here are the quality standards that Espamob is committed to:

  1. Rigorous Participant Selection: We meticulously select motivated and qualified candidates by evaluating their skills, motivations, and alignment with program criteria.
  2. Personalized Support: Each participant receives attentive and individualized support, aiding them in preparing for their mobility, addressing their needs, and ensuring their well-being throughout their stay.
  3. High-Quality Mobility: We are dedicated to providing high-quality internships by carefully selecting relevant host organizations and ensuring participants acquire valuable professional skills.
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation: We conduct regular monitoring of mobility projects, assessing results and gathering feedback from participants. This commitment allows us to continuously enhance our services, ensuring an optimal experience.
  5. Adherence to Safety and Protection Standards: Participant safety and protection are paramount. We comply with applicable regulations, ensuring safe and appropriate conditions during their stay.

By choosing Espamob, you are opting for mobility experiences that align with the Erasmus Plus Quality Standards. We are committed to providing enriching, professional, and culturally immersive mobility experiences while adhering to the highest program standards.

Ensuring Compliance with Erasmus Plus Quality Standards at Espamob

 Inclusion and diversity

Erasmus Plus Quality Standards

Espamob, as an intermediary agency for Erasmus Plus mobility, is committed to upholding principles of inclusion and diversity in all its activities. This commitment is reflected in the following:

  1. Accessibility: Espamob’s mobility programs are open to everyone, irrespective of origin, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. Measures are implemented to ensure both physical and informational accessibility.
  2. Intercultural Awareness: Espamob promotes intercultural understanding through pre-mobility training, encouraging participants to develop their intercultural skills and appreciate cultural differences.
  3. Equal Opportunities: All participants benefit from the same opportunities and advantages during their mobility. Espamob is dedicated to combating discrimination and promoting equal opportunities for everyone.
  4. Adaptation to Specific Needs: Special attention is given to participants’ needs, including those related to disabilities or health. Appropriate adaptation measures are implemented to ensure their full participation.
  5. Diversity Awareness: Espamob encourages the appreciation of cultural, social, and linguistic diversity by raising participants’ awareness of its importance. Mutual respect, inclusion, and understanding of differences are promoted as assets for personal and professional development.

Active participation in the network of Erasmus organisations

Espamob regards active participation in the Erasmus network of organizations as essential. We collaborate with other organizations to deliver high-quality mobility programs, share information and resources, engage in network activities, and monitor and evaluate mobility activities according to Erasmus Plus quality standards

Environmental sustainability and responsibility

When it comes to sustainability and environmental responsibility, Espamob raises awareness among participants about sustainability. We prioritize sustainable options such as low-emission transportation and environmentally-friendly accommodation, manage waste appropriately, and adhere to environmental regulations. Commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is a fundamental aspect at Espamob, ensuring environmentally-conscious mobility experiences.

Erasmus Plus Quality Standards

Erasmus Plus Quality Standards: Espamob's Commitment to Participant Excellence



As a mobility agency, Espamob assumes responsibility for the outcomes and quality of its activities in accordance with Erasmus Plus quality standards.


The agency is fully accountable for the implementation of activities, irrespective of the involvement of other organizations or individuals. Espamob must make key decisions throughout the implementation process, ensuring that all tasks with a direct impact on activity outcomes adhere to established quality standards.

This responsibility encompasses all aspects of Erasmus activities to ensure participant satisfaction and the achievement of set objectives


We meticulously select host companies to provide environments conducive to participants’ learning and development. Prior to each mobility, we organize a preparatory visit to acquaint participants with the host companies, meet mentors, and familiarize them with their new surroundings.

We provide customized ‘Welcome Packs’ to students, including all essential information specific to their mobility. Our goal is to ensure that each participant feels well-prepared and supported throughout their experience.

At Espamob, we are committed to preparing mobilities in line with Erasmus Plus quality standards, fostering a rewarding and fulfilling experience where participants develop their professional skills in a supportive environment.


A strong and transparent collaboration between mobility agencies and partners is crucial to ensure partners’ compliance with Erasmus Plus quality standards.

This requires coordinated planning, implementation, and evaluation of activities. Clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of each partner is crucial, ensuring a fair distribution of tasks.

Regular and open communication between mobility agencies and partners is also essential to ensure the quality of activities, thus fostering a positive experience for all involved stakeholders.

Selection of participants

At Espamob, we are dedicated to a transparent, fair, and inclusive selection process for Erasmus program participants. We encourage educational institutions to ensure a just selection of candidates for Erasmus Plus mobility.

Our goal is to ensure that every student, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to have a enriching experience abroad in Spain.

We are committed to supporting each candidate throughout their Erasmus journey, from the application process to their return, ensuring the promotion of equity and inclusion at every step.

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Espamob's Support and Assistance for Participants

Monitoring and mentoring

Erasmus+ mobility agencies are required to establish monitoring and evaluation plans, as well as appoint a mentor to accompany participants. At Espamob, we implement a personalized monitoring strategy to ensure the smooth progress of mobility. Each student has a mentor in the host company and a designated contact at Espamob throughout the mobility period. We are here to support you at every stage of your project and address any questions you may have.

Linguistic support

Erasmus+ mobility agencies have the responsibility to provide appropriate language training that addresses the personal and professional needs of participants. At Espamob, we offer participants the opportunity to take language courses to facilitate their integration into the workplace. Spanish courses are available at different levels, from beginner to advanced, and the vocabulary used is tailored to the sector in which students will undertake their internship.

Dispositions pratiques

Erasmus+ mobility agencies are responsible for the quality of practical and logistical aspects such as travel, accommodation, insurance, etc. At Espamob, we take care of accommodation, transportation, and administrative formalities to ensure the quality of these activities.

Our commitment is to provide reliable and high-quality services to ensure the successful mobility of participants.

Evaluation of learning results

Learning outcomes are clearly defined for each participant before the activity, and their progress is monitored with appropriate support. Espamob conducts end-of-internship assessments to identify acquired skills and areas for improvement, thereby fostering the professional development of participants.

Collecting and incorporating participant feedback

Participant feedback is crucial for enhancing our activities. At Espamob, we highly value their input, allowing us to assess and improve our projects in collaboration with our partner schools.

We regularly gather their feedback and use it constructively to enhance our performance and provide an even better mobility experience.

We also maintain regular communication with host companies to optimize our practices. Our goal is to offer quality Erasmus+ mobilities by actively listening to participants and continually seeking improvement.

Publicly acknowledging European Union funding

To comply with Erasmus Plus quality standards, mobility agencies must justify their participation in the Erasmus program and inform participants about the origin of funds.

At Espamob, we share information about Erasmus+ scholarships on our communication platforms and organize conferences to raise awareness among a broader audience about the program’s opportunities.

We collaborate with partners and vocational schools to promote Erasmus+ mobility. Our goal is to actively inform our community and encourage the participation of eligible individuals.


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