Mobility of vocational training teachers with Erasmus Plus

Teaching mobility with Erasmus Plus

What are Erasmus + mobilities for teachers?

Erasmus+ mobility for teachers allows you to organize stays in a program member country, the objective of which is to share skills and knowledge, methods and/or tools.

Teacher mobility and Erasmus Plus are carried out within the framework of the European educational project. Erasmus Plus offers teachers or people working in the education sector the opportunity to go to European countries to gain new experience. The objective of this program is to encourage educational establishments to carry out cross-border exchanges and carry out mobility projects.

Thanks to this European aid, teachers and educational staff can benefit from different mobility opportunities such as training, exchanges of good practices, professional internships or even teaching missions abroad.

This experience allows you to adapt to new teaching methods, undertake training, discover new working methods or improve your language skills.

Mobility for teachers

Who can benefit from Erasmus Plus Professor?

Mobility for teachers

Erasmus Plus teaching mobility programs are intended for all teaching staff. Here is the list of professions that are eligible for the Erasmus Plus mobility grant:

  1. Primary, secondary and higher education teachers
  2. School leaders
  3. School principals or school management staff
  4. Inspectors
  5. Trainers from the professional sector

The only condition is that the stay has a learning, knowledge exchange or training objective.

Why count on the support of Espamob?

Are you a teacher and would you like to acquire new skills and knowledge?

Erasmus plus mobility is made for you! With Espamob’ organize your stay in Spain and benefit from a unique experience learning innovative methods and tools. Join now the community of teachers who have chosen Erasmus Plus for their professional development.

Give yourself the opportunity to train as a teacher in Spain! With Espamob’, take advantage of an observation period or participate in a structured course in the field of education. Benefit from a practical and enriching experience for your professional development. Register now to discover our Erasmus plus mobility offers.

Request a free quote

Do you have an idea for an Erasmus + project in Spain and are you looking for a reliable partner to support you? Espamob‘ is here to help! We offer you a free, no-obligation quote to help you manage your mobility project.

We can advise you on your objectives, the duration of your project, or its financing. Thanks to our expertise and our network of partner organizations and companies, we can offer you personalized support to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss your project and get your free quote.

Discover our mobility solutions for teachers

At Espamob’ we are here to help you organize your professional mobility projects in Spain. We allow you to focus on your professional and personal development. Thanks to the Erasmus Plus program you have different options at your disposal:

  1. Job Shadowing mobilities in companies to acquire new practical skills.
  2. Internships to develop your professional skills.
  3. Meetings with professionals to discuss with experts in your sector.
  4. Language courses to improve your language level and facilitate your communication.
  5. Various training courses to train you and specialize in a specific field.

We are committed to offering you a professional mobility experience in Spain tailored to you and adapted to your aspirations. Don’t hesitate and contact us to make your project a reality!


Offer an unforgettable experience to a group of young people thanks to your Erasmus+ scholarship by organizing professional mobility abroad with Espamob, your reference agency in Spain. We are here to help you plan and carry out your mobility project, offering personalized expertise and solutions to ensure the success of your program.

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Frequently asked questions about Erasmus+ mobility for teachers

Why participate in an Erasmus plus mobility as a teacher?

Erasmus plus mobility for teachers  offers the opportunity to develop their professional skills and exchange to improve all linguistic and intercultural skills.

Erasmus+ mobility for teachers allows:

  1. For teaching staff to carry out a teaching mission in a European educational center.
  2. For teaching staff to undergo training in a school or other educational organization.

How to configure Erasmus plus mobility for Teachers?

To organize an Erasmus plus mobility with Espamob, simply contact our agency so that we can offer you a free personalized quote based on your needs and expectations. Our organization will allow you to plan the objectives, duration, financing and ideal reception structure for your project.

Why do Erasmus plus mobility in Spain?

Spain is one of the 33 countries participating in the Erasmus+ program.

Participating in an Erasmus mobility in Spain will offer an experience abroad that will enrich the professional and personal skills of the participants. Furthermore, Spain is the preferred destination for those seeking international mobility.

What are the conditions to participate in teaching mobility?

The only condition to access this European aid for teacher mobility is that the project has as its objective learning, training or the exchange of knowledge.

In addition, the beneficiaries must be part of the teaching staff of a public or private school establishment (teachers, administrative staff, management staff).

How long does the exchange of an Erasmus Plus stay for teachers last?

The duration of an Erasmus Plus experience depends on the project chosen. It can be from a few days to several months.

There is no mandatory duration; However, depending on the country chosen, it may be relevant to stay several weeks during the school year. Our Espamob agency can help you define the appropriate duration of your Erasmus Plus mobility stay.

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Our Erasmus Plus internship sectors

At Espamob’ we offer internships in companies for vocational training located in Spain.  We select the host companies ourselves, in order to ensure a perfect match between the company and the apprentice candidate. Discover some of our intership areas !