Mobility and Erasmus Plus Internship in Valencia

Explore Erasmus Plus mobility and internship opportunities in Valencia!

Valencia, centrally located in Europe, stands out as a preferred destination for students and apprentices from diverse countries, providing a vibrant setting for their educational pursuits. Through the Erasmus+ program, they have the opportunity to undertake enriching internships abroad, enhancing their professional skills and studies. In Valencia, your students will discover a wide range of sectors and businesses, presenting diverse internship opportunities across various fields.

Participating in an Erasmus Plus internship in Valencia offers not only significant professional experience but also an immersion into Spanish culture, a chance to refine Spanish language skills, and a firsthand experience of daily life in this captivating Mediterranean city.

Espamob is committed to assisting you in coordinating their Erasmus+ mobility. Our personalized services and careful guidance aim to help them secure the ideal internship, ensuring a successful and enriching experience. As international partners, we take care of arranging comfortable accommodation for their stay, facilitating scholarship applications if needed, and aiding in the preparation for their upcoming semester project.

Contact us and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Valencia through Erasmus+! Seize this exceptional opportunity provided by European collaboration to elevate your education and embark on fulfilling projects.

Why do an Erasmus Plus internship in Valencia ?

Economic fabrics

ERASMUS PLUS in Valencia: Known for its futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, this lively and cosmopolitan city, boasting a population of 797,665 inhabitants, is set to captivate students. It provides diverse business sectors suitable for interns and apprentices from different schools, offering them an enriching experience during their stay in Valencia. If Spain, and specifically Valencia, is your Erasmus destination, get ready for a truly delightful experience.

Logistic aspect

Espamob is dedicated to assisting you with every aspect of your international mobility in Valencia. We offer a personalized and warm welcome, providing suitable options for accommodation and public transportation. Although Valencia may appear overwhelming with its fascinating sites and esteemed universities, our Espamob team is there to support you at every stage, ensuring your ease and comfort from your arrival through your Erasmus Plus internship in Valencia.

Environment and climate

The pleasant, distinctly Mediterranean climate of Valencia encourages you to fully enjoy the city. Its diverse landscapes, positioned between the sea and mountains, are among its many strengths. Thanks to its attractive geographical location, Valencia is a popular destination for student groups undertaking internship mobility as part of the Erasmus Plus program.

Touristic places

Valencia is a welcoming city offering a distinctive experience through its iconic architecture. Tailored for Erasmus Plus mobility groups, the city abounds with unique sites, including the Santa María de Valencia Cathedral, Plaza de la Virgen, the City of Arts and Sciences, and its historically rich university—one of the oldest in Spain. Valencia stands as an essential destination, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who choose to explore it.


In the Valencian community, two official languages are employed: Valencian and Spanish. Yet, during an Erasmus Plus internship in Valencia, you will also have the chance to delve into additional languages, such as English, to enrich your linguistic experience. Internship opportunities in various languages are provided to better accommodate the diverse needs of Erasmus Plus mobility experiences.

Popular festivals

Annually, the Valencian Community hosts a distinctive festival, offering a unique chance to delve into the cultural wealth of the region. Las Fallas, taking place in March, hold a special place in the hearts of the residents. This major Spanish event, relatively unfamiliar in France, preserves and passes on local traditions to future generations, turning Las Fallas into a genuine living legacy.

Frequently asked questions about Erasmus internship mobility in Valencia

What benefits come with an Erasmus Plus internship in Valencia?

Embarking on an Erasmus Plus internship in Valencia presents numerous advantages. You’ll acquire valuable professional experience within an international setting, enhancing your skill set. Furthermore, you’ll immerse yourself in a new culture, improve your language skills, and benefit from financial support from the Erasmus+ program. This experience is a distinctive opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

Engaging in an overseas internship can enhance your language abilities, provide international work exposure, and foster essential intercultural skills.

Why do an Erasmus Plus internship mobility in Valencia?

Opting for mobility in Valencia comes with many appealing advantages. You’ll immerse yourself in a vibrant student life, explore a culturally rich environment, and thrive in a remarkable geographical setting. Additionally, our close proximity to other destinations in Spain and Europe ensures convenient travel. This experience presents a distinctive opportunity to significantly enhance both your academic and personal career.

What is the process of an Erasmus Plus internship mobility in Valencia?

Curious about the process of an Erasmus Plus internship mobility in Valencia with Espamob? It’s very simple! Contact us for a quote, specifying your needs. Upon acceptance of our offer, we handle all aspects—from planning to completion—accompanying you at every stage of the journey.

What does participating in an Erasmus Plus internship in Valencia involve?

An Erasmus Plus internship in Valencia provides students from the European Union with a chance to enhance their education by acquiring practical experience in their field of study, coupled with an immersive cultural experience in Spain.

The Erasmus Plus program encompasses all European Union countries and various partner nations globally, with Valencia, Spain, emerging as one of the most popular destinations.

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