Internship and Erasmus Plus mobility in Barcelona, Catalonia

Discover the Erasmus Plus mobility and internship opportunities in Barcelona!

Barcelona, a popular destination for students and apprentices, offers a dynamic environment conducive to their learning. Thanks to the Erasmus Plus program, they have the opportunity to complete enriching internships that strengthen their professional skills. Your students will have access to a multitude of sectors and companies in Barcelona, providing internship opportunities in various fields.

By participating in an internship in Barcelona thanks to Erasmus+, they will gain valuable professional experience while discovering Spanish culture, perfecting their language skills and immersing themselves in the daily life of this magnificent Mediterranean city.

At Espamob, we are here to support you in organizing their mobility Erasmus Plus in Spain thanks to our personalized services and our attentive follow-up, in order to find the ideal internship and have a successful experience. Contact us and prepare for an unforgettable experience in Barcelona thanks to Erasmus+!

Why do an internship mobility in Barcelona

Economic fabrics

ERASMUS PLUS in Barcelona : it’s considered the second largest city in Spain, with a population of 1.62 million. It is a very dynamic and cosmopolitan city, which will be able to seduce you and offer various business sectors suitable for interns and apprentices coming to Barcelona to acquire a new and enriching experience. Indeed, it has a unique human capital and this will allow students to discover and learn a new culture.

Logistic aspect

Espamob is committed to organizing your mobility from A to Z. By offering you a warm and unique welcome in Barcelona, the team will be able to propose you different possibilities of accommodation as well as public transport, in order to suit your needs. Barcelona is a city full of places to discover and that is why we will do our best to ensure that you are not lost upon your arrival, accompanying you in every step

Environment and climate

Barcelona’s Mediterranean climate is very pleasant and will allow you to enjoy the city to the maximum. Indeed, between the sea and the mountains, its landscapes are diversified and are one of the many assets of the Catalan capital. Barcelona‘s geographical position makes it very attractive for groups of students coming to do an Erasmus plus internship.

Touristic places

This large and welcoming city will allow your groups to live a unique experience, while discovering its architecture which marks well its visual identity. Barcelona is a city very suitable for large groups and will allow you to discover unusual places such as the Sagrada Familia, the Casa Batllo and many other architectural works of Gaudi.


Barcelona is a multicultural city. The official languages are Spanish and Catalan, but you can also learn other languages such as English. Barcelona has a wide variety of languages due to its international character. There are many internship solutions in different languages to suit your needs during your mobility.

Popular festivals

The festive atmosphere is also characteristic of Barcelona. Catalonia is known for its many festivals and celebrations throughout the year. Some of the most famous are Sant Joan and La Mercé. At most of the festivities, you can enjoy parades, fireworks and much more.

Frequently asked questions about Erasmus internship mobility in Barcelona

What will an Erasmus plus internship mobility in Barcelona bring to you?

Barcelona, being a diverse city, provides a wide range of internship opportunities in a variety of sectors, ranging from tourism to technology. Engaging in such an internship not only allows you to gain a unique professional experience but also exposes you to a vibrant culture and lifestyle tailored to your specific interests and needs.

Why do an internship mobility in Barcelona?

For many students, pursuing an Erasmus Plus internship in Barcelona is an aspirational opportunity, enabling them to enhance their CV with a distinctive experience and acquire valuable professional skills for the future.

What is the process of an internship mobility in Barcelona?

Curious about how the Erasmus Plus internship mobility process works with Espamob in Barcelona? It’s an easy process: simply contact us for a quote, according to your requirements. Upon acceptance of our offer, we handle everything from planning to completion, providing support at every stage of your journey.

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