Spanish partner for European mobility traineeships

Espamob’ is a spanish partner organization with extensive experience in European mobility traineeships and placements for groups in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) field. Espamob’ became a trusted partner who receive participants from all over the Europe. Our team offers expertise and necessary tools for the application and development of mobility projects organized with our network of host companies who provide education and training in different vocational areas with individual approach for each participant. 

We consider ourselves a organisation from a partner country and our participation brings an added value to the mobility project. We participate in various way to carry out joint activities in the fields of education and training, establishing a formal network of host companies in a vocational area.

We develop strategic partnerships under international and local funds like Erasmus Plus and European Social Funds (ESF), and others subventions Our aim is to improve technical and linguistic skills of participants through european mobility traineeships in host companies and make their stay abroad unforgettable experience by organizing cultural activities and logistic solutions for all the group.

Mobility steps

Contact us
Selection of the host company
Preparation of the mobility
Welcome of the participants
Monitoring and problem solutioning
Project evaluation
After mobility

Before the project application  we will contact you to evaluate the european mobility traineeships programme and help you with a project writing.

When the project is approved we will select the host company for all participants and prepare necessary documents like europass mobility certificate and learning agreement.

We present practical solutions for accommodation and board, public transport, airport transfer and cultural programme. There is always a possibility to arrange the preparatory visit.

We receive the group at the airport and accompany them during the first day of their traineeship. Our consultants provide you all useful materials during your stay so participants can feel safe.

We conduct a monitoring on the technical and personal development during the European mobility traineeships in the host companies. Simultaneously we take care of all the administrative and partnership management required by the mobility programme and we resolve a possible conflicts that may occur during the stay abroad.

At the end of european mobility we make sure that all documents are completed and signed so you can confirm participant’s skills evaluation.

Post-mobility actions  of European mobility traineeships requires publication of results and materials achieved during the project to encourage other young people and schools to participate in european mobilities.

Host company selection
Mobility logistics

Questions fréquentes sur les programmes de mobilités de stage

How to set up an Erasmus plus mobility with a partner mobility agency?

To set up an Erasmus plus mobility with a partner agency, simply contact us and we will send you a quote that meets your expectations.

What exactly does Erasmus plus refer to?

The Erasmus plus program is run by the European Commission, which is the executive body of the EU, by the Executive Agency and the National Agencies in the countries participating in the program, as well as the National Offices in some partner countries

Why do an Erasmus plus mobility in Spain?

An Erasmus work placement mobility experience abroad will provide new educational, cultural and linguistic skills. This mobility will promote cooperation between students within a European community.


Listen to the opinions of the participants

Jonatan - Equestrian center tutor - Barcelona

I think it is a very positive experience to know, because they have the facilities both to know the purebred Spanish horse, in positive aspects like brushing, cleaning them, giving them rope, riding them, as giving them to know the special aspect where they live Them and I think it’s a very positive part.

European Mobility Programmes with Espamob'


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