The Mobility Tool platform

Mobility Tool what is it?

The Mobility Tool is an Erasmus platform that has been set up to allow the reporting and management of the different projects. This platform will be useful when your project is confirmed by Erasmus and the European Commission for its financing and when your contract is also signed. Upon validation of the project, you will subsequently receive access to the Mobility Tool platform in order to refine your project. The National Agency will send you an email to confirm your project which will be in line with the different steps of the project life cycle in the online management tool, such as the selection and signature of the agreement for example.

Mobility Tool has many features. Indeed, it is possible to update the budgetary information if needed, you can also encode the information concerning the participants of the project as soon as you have the important information and you can finally submit your final report of the mobility and the participants. If needed, you can modify or add information about your project on the platform as your project becomes more concrete, but this is before validating the final report!

How does Mobility Tool work?

Mobility Tool plays a very important role in the life cycle of an Erasmus mobility project. The online dematerialization is dedicated to the reporting and management of your mobility project. 

It is important to know that in order to apply for an Erasmus mobility project, there are different steps, namely

  • the application
  • the selection process, eligibility and evaluation, the decision
  • the contractualization
  • the start of the projects
  • implementation and follow-up of projects
  • final evaluation

On the Mobility Tool platform, you will see that some information has already been filled in and others still need to be completed. When finalizing the selection, we recommend that you register the participants, remembering to include their first and last names, email address, country of destination and dates of mobility.

Mobility Tool

Frequently asked questions about the Penelope platform

What is Mobility Tool for?

Mobility Tool is an Erasmus Plus platform that will allow the reporting and management of different projects. This platform will be useful to you when your project is confirmed by Erasmus and the European Commission for its funding.

Are there other Erasmus platforms?

There are many Erasmus plus platforms set up today, in order to help as much as possible to understand the concept and know if your mobility project is feasible, such as Penelope or eTwinning for example.


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