The Europass platform

What is Europass?

The Europass platform is a platform made up of a number of online tools allowing you to set up your career as well as your European projects. This platform is an initiative of the European Union that can help citizens to present their qualifications and skills clearly and especially to employers. It also helps with professional and geographic mobility. The platform is free and is provided by the European Commission to give you direct access to different professional opportunities, and this anywhere in Europe.

In addition, the Europass document contains different parts, namely: the learning phases, the integrated professional places, the qualifications and the new skills developed. The platform also has a CV, school certificates, a language passport with the different language levels as well as diplomas obtained with a mobility document.

How does Europass work?

Europass is made up of five documents, the main one being the Europass curriculum vitae, which is available in 28 languages ​​and which allows you to present your skills in a clear and logical way. The other four documents on the Europass platform are the language passport, the Europass mobility, the diploma supplement and the certificate supplement.

The Europass document is currently supervised by two partner organizations, which are most generally the agency of the host country which deals with it and the Erasmus agency of the country of origin. To obtain the document, simply approach the Erasmus Plus secretariat generally present in the student’s university, or approach the organizers of the mobility project or the company’s international department.

It should be noted that the Europass tool is a real asset for participants in the Erasmus plus program, because it will bring much more transparency to the mobility project and will offer different learning and work perspectives during their stay in the stranger.


Frequently asked questions on the Europass platform

A quoi sert la plateforme Europass ?

The Europass platform is made up of a set of European tools recognized in 35 countries, making it possible to manage careers throughout life.

Who is the Europass platform for?

Europass is aimed at people wishing to communicate effectively about their qualifications and skills in France and in Europe. It also applies to employers.