Erasmus Plus mobility in the automotive sector

The automotive sector offers many Erasmus Plus internship opportunities in different companies. Find out more about the main sectors.

mobilité métiers automobile

Discover Erasmus Plus internship opportunities in the automotive sector

This sector includes various trades related to the mechanics and bodywork of both cars and motorbikes.




The mechanic is responsible for diagnosing and locating the fault or the mechanical parts causing the problem, before carrying out the repair. They also carry out regular checks on vehicles. An internship will allow the apprentice to discover new methods.. Testimonials.



The role of the body repairer is to check the vehicle for damage. He or she has several tasks, such as diagnosing damage, determining the method of repair and dismantling bodywork accessories. An internship abroad will enable apprentices to develop new skills.

Frequently asked questions about traineeships in the automotive sector

Why do an internship abroad in the automotive industry?

First of all, an internship abroad will allow trainees to discover new methods and techniques specific to the foreign country. In addition, it will be a valuable experience to add to their CV.

Is it possible to go abroad during a mobility period even if you do not necessarily speak the language of the host country well?

Trainees who come to do an internship abroad with Espamob don’t necessarily speak the language of the host country very well, but that doesn’t mean that the mobility doesn’t go well. It is precisely an experience like this that will help you learn the language and discover the job you like in another country.


What is the minimum and maximum duration of mobility in the automotive industry?

The minimum duration of mobility in the automotive sectors is two weeks. Traineeships usually last between two and four weeks, but can vary. Longer mobilities of up to six months are also possible.


mobilité automobile

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