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School trip Barcelona

A captivating school trip to Barcelona combining culture, history and business discovery !

A school trip to Barcelona

A school trip to Barcelona is an exciting adventure that allows students to immerse themselves in the culture, art and history of this vibrant city. Must-see sites such as the Sagrada Família, Parc Güell and the Gothic Quarter transport them through different eras and artistic styles, offering total immersion.

But why not go one step further and combine these cultural experiences with business visits?

In this article, you will discover a unique school trip that combines cultural visits and company discoveries, for an educational, entertaining and enriching experience.

Total immersion in culture and history

The group of business students from IFAC Brest enjoyed a highly enriching cultural experience in Barcelona. This lively city captivated and entertained them with its many activities and cultural sites. They visited iconic sites such as Montjuic Castle and the famous and colourful Park Guell, which offers a breathtaking view of the city. They also explored the city by bike or on bus tours, discovering its most charming corners. They also took advantage of Barcelona’s sunny beaches.

This experience allowed them to truly immerse themselves in the local culture, creating unforgettable memories.

            Barcelona’s 6 legendary landmarks :

  1. Sagrada Familia
  2. Parc Guell
  3. Casa Batló
  4. La Perdera : Casa Mila
  5. La Boquería market
  6. Montjuic

Discovering companies: an exciting career perspective

As well as the cultural visits, this school trip to Barcelona offered a real immersion into the world of business. The students had the opportunity to discover two local companies, which opened the doors to their activities and operations. The first stop was Handmade Avarcas and Espadrillas, followed by the Ibis Styles Barcelona City-Bogatell hotel.

Visit of Handmade

Visit to Handmade Avarcas & Espadrillas

  • Discovery of the company and how it works
  • Explanation of the manager’s entrepreneurial career
  • Questions on how to target customers
  • General sales and marketing advice

Visit to the Ibis Styles Barcelona City-Bogatell Hotel

  • Explanation of the general operation of the hotel
  • Tour of the hotel’s various facilities, with environmental awareness training by the hotel manager
  • Highlighting the hotel’s various assets that contribute to an exceptional customer experience: geographical location, swimming pool, quality of welcome, etc.
Visit of the Ibis styles barcelona

Meeting passionate professionals, asking questions and going behind the scenes of these companies gave them a real insight into various professional sectors, broadening their vision of the career opportunities open to them.

What to take away from this multi-faceted experience

A school trip to Barcelona is much more than just cultural exploration. By combining cultural visits with company visits, the students had a rich and varied educational experience. They were able to immerse themselves in the history and art of the city, while having the opportunity to discover local businesses and broaden their professional outlook. This school trip to Barcelona was a captivating adventure, offering students precious memories, concrete learning and a window on the world of work.

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