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Focus on the different Erasmus Plus internship sectors in Barcelona

With Espamob’ we offer various internships in companies for professional training, which are located in Spain and more specifically in Barcelona in Catalonia. For several years, Barcelona has been developing and becoming more and more an attractive city economically.

Indeed, Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in the European Union for students, as it has a very dynamic economic fabric. Barcelona is a seaside city on the Mediterranean Sea and is very close to France. The internship sectors are vast and welcome a wide range of foreign students every year, such as in the automotive industry, tourism, services, finance and insurance or the pharmaceutical industry.

mobilité Erasmus Plus Barcelone

Erasmus Plus mobility in the food sector :

It includes different tasks, such as managing a butcher’s shop, a delicatessen, a bakery or even a pastry shop. The student is supervised by his or her tutor and can perform different functions such as: advising, being a receptionist, managing stocks, making orders, cleaning facilities and many others.

Mobilité Erasmus Plus alimentation

Erasmus Plus mobility in the graphic arts and audio-visual sector :

With the help of a tutor, you will carry out tasks related to digital and textile printing, screen printing, or manage digital printing equipment and quality control.

Mobilité Erasmus Plus audio visuel

Erasmus Plus mobility in the building and construction sector:

Always under the supervision of a tutor, the apprentice will perform tasks related to the renovation, rehabilitation, construction and maintenance of public and private buildings. The jobs in this field are very varied as we can talk about maintenance technicians, like electricians or plumbers.

Focus on the different Erasmus Plus internship sectors in Barcelona

Erasmus Plus mobility in the hairdressing and beauty sector :

This involves looking after a hairdressing center offering advice, items for sale, haircuts or managing a beauty center offering other services such as manicures, treatments and make-up.

Mobilité Erasmus coiffure

Erasmus Plus mobility in the agricultural sector and the horse industry :

The apprentice will be able to learn how to manage an agricultural establishment dedicated to the breeding of cattle or the cultivation of cereals for example. In the horse sector, the apprentice will be able to manage a horse farm or an equestrian center, including the maintenance of the stables, the mounting of the horses and the necessary care. 

Mobilité Erasmus agriculture cheval

Erasmus Plus mobility in the mechanical and bodywork sector :

Under the supervision of a tutor, the student will be taught how to perform tests on various mechanical elements, vehicle and bodywork repairs and maintenance.

Focus on the different Erasmus Plus internship sectors in Barcelona

Erasmus Plus mobility in the pharmacy sector :

This represents the management and running of a pharmacy or parapharmacy, offering several services such as the sale of dietary and cosmetic products. It also involves managing stocks and restocking, taking inventory.

mobilité Erasmus pharmacie

Erasmus Plus Mobility in the marketing and advertising sector :

This sector is quite broad because it will touch everything related to the realization of marketing-advertising products and media supports like websites and social networks. But also the management of public relations and brand development.

mobilité Erasmus marketing

At Espamob’, we strive to find the most appropriates mobilities for your students, so that their internships take place in the best possible conditions and that they gain a great experience to add to their CV. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions about your project.

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