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Erasmus days 2021

Every year for years, the Erasmus+ program has organized the Erasmus Days. This year, they will take place on October 14, 15 and 16. These days are organized in France and in the world to communicate on the opportunities of training, education and solidarity offered by Europe. In this article you will discover what the main objective of Erasmus Days is, what kind of events you can organize for this 2021 edition and how to increase their visibility. 

What are Erasmus Days? 

The Erasmus Days are organized every year to highlight and communicate the benefits of the mobilities organized each year by Erasmus+ and their partners. The objective is also to highlight the activities set up by this program. 

Who can participate? 

All Erasmus+ partner institutions: schools, higher education institutions, vocational training organizations and CEFAs can organize an event to increase the visibility of the opportunities they offer and to share their Erasmus+ experiences. With the health crisis, institutions have had to adapt by organizing online events. However, these conditions did not affect the popularity of the event, as last year more than 5,000 institutions participated, a figure never reached before. This year, physical events can be organized, but institutions will be free to choose their mode of operation and will have to register their event on the platform dedicated to this campaign on

What type of event to organize? 

Every year, and even more so with the health crisis, institutions have been very creative in organizing events. In recent years, all types of celebrations have been organized: seminars, photo exhibitions, partner meetings, conferences, and digital activities. Other more playful events were also counted such as flash mob, concerts, dance shows or parades. With the development of digital and online events, you can leave room for your imagination by organizing events out of the ordinary through digital means: by Facebook or YouTube live, or by using social networks. 

How to increase the visibility of your events? 

To increase the visibility of your event, you can inform the National Agencies by sending them an email to: After having made a short description of your future event, these agencies will be able to support you in the promotion of your event by sharing it through their different communication channels such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also add the hashtag #erasmusdays on your event publications to increase their visibility and increase the buzz around these days of celebration. 

Now you know everything about Erasmus Days, all you must do is to organize the event of your dreams to communicate as much as possible about the added value of the mobilities you organize! 


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