At Espamob’ we prepare and guide the participants throughout their mobility process in order to guarantee a successful professional and personal experience for the whole group. We know that mobility programmes are complex, that’s why we help the participants during the whole process: before, during and after the mobility. We evaluate the mobility project, making sure that it meets all European requirements for its approval. We also conduct a rigorous selection process for the host company, considering the training programme, group size and candidates´ profiles. We also present practical solutions adapted to the participants related to accommodation, board, transport, airport transfer, as well as language and cultural programme. At the end we always offer a possibility to arrange the preparatory visit. In addiction we accompany the participants from the first day of traineeship and we provide them with useful materials during their stay. Simultaneously, we take care of all the administrative management and financial conditions required by the mobility programme.

The advantages of an internship mobility in Spain with a partner agency

Spain is a European country located south of France and east of Portugal. Every year, it is one of the most visited countries in the world. For most French students, it is a dream country because it includes many advantages, such as top universities, a more than competitive business network, an incomparable quality of life, a multicultural diversity, as well as a rather dense heritage. (more…)