We are directly involved in the placement of students in Spain, as a result of having concluded a formal written cooperation agreement with the event organisers. The placement of students for traineeships developed by Espamob’ are mainly carried out in Spain, which is part of the most mobilities programmes in Europe. We support young people aged between 17 and 30, from any programme country (except the country where the project is taking place) or from a partner country neighbouring the EU. Since 2005, the IES Consulting Group has been extending its network of partner companies for the promotion of group mobility through European programmes such as Erasmus Plus, European Social Funds and national, regional and local funds. With this accumulated experience, today in Espamob’ we offer all the necessary tools for the application of the mobility projects and we provide the opportunity to obtain new professional and personal skills to the participants.

How to prepare a group mobility with Erasmus Plus

As you probably already know, group mobility requires a good organization and can seem complicated, especially when it is your first experience with Erasmus Plus. In order to guide you, in this article, we will discuss the different important points to think about once your Erasmus Plus application has been validated. We will list the different steps that you shouldn’t miss to make your experience as easy as possible.