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What will Espamob bring you?

Meeting new people

Catering is THE sector of activity that will allow you to discuss and meet with professionals. By choosing to do your internship abroad with your school, you will have the opportunity to practice languages with your colleagues and customers to further expand your professional career!

Discovering another culture

Besides eating well and meeting people, you will also discover the treasures of Spanish gastronomy. This professional experience will allow you to discover a different know-how and a different lifestyle than in France. Everything will be enriching for you!

Improving a foreign language

Whether you are a complete beginner or have a basic level of Spanish, this internship will help you improve your Spanish and English. You will develop the vocabulary of your sector of activity but also the vocabulary of everyday life, especially if your school chooses to place you with a host family!

Vincent’s experience

“Erasmus was a very fulfilling experience, not only on an educational level (discovery of new learning methods) but also on a personal level. This experience allowed me to grow up, to be more independent and to be more fulfilled. I think the best advice I can give to a student is to take advantage of this unique experience to meet as many people as possible, from different cultures, who speak several languages and have a different vision of the world, because I believe that one is enriched by the difference of the other. It was difficult for me to return to France, but I will always remember these 2 weeks of pure happiness with colleagues who taught me how to work and live in their gastronomic restaurant.


Contact us

In short, if you wish to do your internship in the field of catering service, where you will gain valuable experience, contact us via your school at:

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