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Interview with Anna, in charge of 2 Erasmus+ interns in an Equestrian Center in Barcelona

The missions entrusted to the interns 

The interns had the opportunity to work with the stable masters by cleaning the horses’ stalls, which was the first task they were given.

They were able to have a real proximity with the horses. In addition to cleaning the stables, they fed, brushed and trained the horses. Finally, they had the chance to go on a horseback ride in the heights of Barcelona.

The knowledge brought mutually between the interns and their tutor

The students were able to bring with them knowledge that they had already acquired, but also learn new techniques different from those taught in France. It was a very enriching experience for both sides as their ways of working were different and each was able to bring their knowledge to the other.

The progress of the interns and the language barrier

The language barrier was an obstacle, as the students only spoke French, while the employees spoke Spanish or English. However, technology tools facilitated communication between the internship tutor and the interns, including Google Translate. A French-speaking employee also helped with translation when necessary.

At the end of the day, this is what mobility is all about: Going on an adventure with little language knowledge and ultimately living an enriching experience both personally and professionally.

Please find Anna’s testimony on our Youtube channel:

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