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Architectural Photography Workshop – KEK GSEVEE x IEFC x ESPAMOB’

The Art of Photography on Architecture

From March 28 to April 6, 2022, 19 trainees from KEK GSEVEE, a nationally renowned educational center in Greece, attended a 30-hour workshop on Architectural Photography as part of the ERASMUS+ program. This workshop was organized by ESPAMOB’ at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC), a non-profit cultural organization that works to train and promote photographers, and the preservation and dissemination of photographic heritage.

From an introductory course on Architectural Photography to a series of practical photo sessions, the 19 trainees from KEK GSEVEE have combined the art of taking photographs while visiting the beautiful city of Barcelona and its surroundings.

The objective of this workshop was for the trainees to learn the characteristics of Architectural Photography, while practicing indoor and outdoor photography of Richard Meier’s architecture, the ruined village of Belchite, Sitges, as well as the city’s landmarks. 

Here are a series of photographs taken from the KEK GSEVEE trainees during their workshop: 

Architectural Photography Workshop - KEK GSEVEE x IEFC x ESPAMOB’

ESPAMOB’ carried out the mobility project according to the specific needs of KEK GSEVEE by organizing a vocational training entitled “The Art of Photography”: Specialization in Architectural Photography” in collaboration with IEFC within the framework of the ERASMUS+ program.

At the end of the practical sessions, the trainees worked on the editing part of the training and received a Certificate delivered by the IEFC and ESPAMOB’ for having successfully followed the course of Architectural Photography. 

Architectural Photography Workshop - KEK GSEVEE x IEFC x ESPAMOB’

If you are interested in participating in an ERASMUS+ mobility experience in collaboration with a Spanish school or any other mobility project, please contact us directly at our e-mail address through your school:

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