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Is it necessary to be fluent in Spanish and/or English to do an internship in Spain?

Fluency in Spanish is not a requirement for doing an internship in Spain. However, some companies do require a good level of Spanish, especially those that deal directly with clients and in the tourism industry. There are others that do not require Spanish, as a good level of English would be sufficient.

This will really depend on the nature of the participants’ internship. For example, in a restaurant or hotel, there will probably be a lot of tourists (depending on the season), making English the preferred language over Spanish. However, even if the clients are international, their colleagues will probably speak Spanish. Therefore, students will be required to communicate in Spanish at some point. Obviously, if they can speak Spanish, it will help them a lot, not only during their internship, but also in their daily life in Spain.

Any tips?

Students will need vocabulary for their daily life and for their internship area. One thing they can do now is to prepare a list with all the vocabulary they will probably need during their internship, depending on their field (bakery, electricity, hairdressing, catering, etc.) They can also ask their Spanish teacher to check this list before they go to Spain. They might also prepare this list in English, in case they are more comfortable in English. And make sure they have this list with them at all times!

Although their level of Spanish is quite low, they will get a chance to learn once they are in Spain by chatting with the locals. Besides, Barcelona remains an international city with many tourists, and they will most likely meet people who speak at least some English.

How can ESPAMOB help them with their level of Spanish?

Speaking English and/or Spanish is a considerable advantage. ESPAMOB offers your students the possibility to follow Spanish courses throughout their mobility, according to your students’ needs.

If they speak Spanish and/or English, they will benefit more from their mobility because they will not have to face the difficulties they would have encountered if they did not know the language. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to establish greater ties with the local population and make the most of this opportunity.

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