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Why should your students do an internship abroad with Erasmus +?

Doing an internship is an opportunity for your students to become familiar with their future career, as well as to get to know a new company. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity for them to discover their own skills and career goals

If doing an internship in their own country is already a valuable experience, doing an internship abroad is even more beneficial. Not only will they learn about their career and a new company, but they will also discover a new culture, a new language and gain new insights about how people work in another country. Also, they will create a network of contacts abroad that could be useful for them later on!

A professional experience abroad will make your students unique, and the key to having an engaging profile to recruiters is to differentiate oneself

But why will doing an internship abroad make your students unique?

First of all, they will convey a different energy, along with a different way of perceiving and carrying out their work. They will be seen as more motivated by having put the theory they have learned into practice while in another country. Finally, they will have acquired the knowledge of a new language and they will have developed new skills such as flexibility, which is a must in today’s increasingly multicultural work environment

Where to go?

Spain is one of the best places to consider for an internship abroad. It is the preferred destination for young Europeans who want to have an international experience, and Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations for international students. 

Barcelona is known for its excellent food, friendly people, beautiful architecture and wonderful beaches to explore. With a vibrant economy and fascinating culture, Barcelona is a great place to gain professional skills, make lifelong friends and improve one’s level of Spanish.

How to get an internship abroad for my students? 

If finding an internship abroad for your students may seem daunting at first, the easiest way is for you to contact an Erasmus Plus Partner Agency. 

Espamob is an Agency specialized in Erasmus mobility programs in Spain, which offers support to young people wishing to live an experience abroad by organizing projects adapted to the needs of its participants. 

Espamob works with companies that are used to receiving international students and will help them gain valuable experience. 

Contact us

In short, if you want to send your students to Spain for an internship with the Erasmus + program, where they will gain valuable experience, contact us at

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