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Internship in the Hotel Industry in Barcelona


The experience you will gain during an internship in the hotel industry will give you confidence in the career you have chosen. This internship will allow you to learn more about your professional skills so you can focus more on your career goals.


An internship abroad is an ideal opportunity to gain practical knowledge and international experience at the same time. This experience will not only improve your foreign language skills, but also strengthen your intercultural and social skills. Moreover, if you are considering working in an international chain, an internship abroad is a perfect experience for your resume that will appeal to recruiters!


An internship abroad is without a doubt a unique opportunity to learn, grow and have a good time, all at the same time! In addition to gaining some expertise in the hotel industry, you will also be confronted with new cultural challenges and learn how people work in another country. Most importantly, you will develop the ability to adapt to a new and ever-changing environment, which is essential in today’s work environment.

Experience of Fatima, in a hotel reception

“I really enjoyed my internship in Barcelona, especially because of the amazing people I met. Among all the tourist places I visited, nothing disappointed me and Spanish people are very open-minded. My host family was very kind and my internship in general went very well! For me, an internship abroad changes a lot your way of perceiving your daily life, you become more mature and responsible. And if I were to do an internship abroad again, I would do it without a doubt!


In short, if you want to do your internship in this field where you will gain valuable experience and knowledge, contact us through your school at

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